Location Bedford, VA   
Owner: Bedford County Public Schools
Approximate Size 25
Project Description:

Full Site preparation including clearing, grading, and utilities.

Location: Danville, VA
Owner: Danville Pitts RIFA
Approx. Acre 150
Project Description:
 Creating “Shovel Ready Pads” Clearing, Grading, Erosion Control

Location Hamptonville, NC
Owner: Yadkin Co., NC
Designer Schnabel Engineering

Project Description:

Combination earth and roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam consisting of 500,000 cubic yards of excavation and 50,000 cubic yards of RCC. Resulting reservoir impounds 300 acres.

This project was awarded the US Society on Dams 2013 Award for Excellence.

Location: Lynchburg, VA
Owner: City of Lynchburg
Total Size: Approx 1 Mile
Project Description:

Clear, Grade, and construction approx. 1 mile of new road way to VDOT specifications.

Location Baskerville, VA
Owner: Mecklenburg Co Public Schools
Size Approx. 120 Acres
Project Description:

Full Site preparation that included clearing, grading, moving approximately 800,000 CY of dirt, installing utilities and fine grading for building pads, roads, and athletic fields.

Location Boydton, VA
Owner: Confidential
Total Site Acreage: 110
Project Description:

Project work included over 1 million cubic yards of excavation on an accelerated schedule of only 6 months; 4,000 linear feet of storm drainage installation- including 72” Class 3 reinforced concrete pipe, 7,000 tons of Class 3 Rip Rap, 5,000 tons of Class 2 Rip Rap, over 3,000 tons of Class 1 Rip Rap......Click learn more for additional details. 

Location Stafford, VA
Owner: Stafford County
Size: 700 Acres
Project Description:

Excavate and place approximately 1,000,000 CY of dirt to create earthen dam.